About This Site

PX7.DIGITAL, crafted by Jørgen Larsen, where mindful leadership in technology harmonizes with personal insights and occasional ultralight backpacking. A space for digital era growth and human-centric exploration.

About This Site
Photo by Jørgen Larsen / PX7.PHOTO

PX7.DIGITAL – Unleashing Human Potential in a Digital World

Hello! I’m Jørgen, the creator and guiding spirit of PX7.DIGITAL. Based in Copenhagen, my passion is fusing expertise in software development leadership and organizational growth with a keen focus on the human element in our digital era.

My Vision: Emphasizing the Human in Digital Leadership

At PX7.DIGITAL, I am dedicated to enriching leadership and organizational development with mindfulness and empathy. My approach is about going beyond the technology to unlock human potential, making a profound impact in team management, leadership effectiveness, and organizational evolution.

A Journey of Empathetic Leadership and Innovation

Through my experiences in leading software development teams and driving organizational change, I've discovered the power of focusing on the human side of technology. PX7.DIGITAL is my platform for sharing this journey, offering insights on empathetic leadership, effective team dynamics, and meaningful organizational transformation.

Beyond Code: Human-Centric Technology and Management

While my background is deeply rooted in technology, my true calling lies in the people behind it. It's about understanding and valuing human interactions in the tech world, mastering the nuances of team management, and guiding organizations towards mindful growth. PX7.DIGITAL explores these human-centric aspects, bridging the gap between technology and personal connection.

Join the Conversation and Growth

PX7.DIGITAL is more than a personal blog; it's a community for dialogue, insight, and collective advancement. Whether you're a tech professional, someone passionate about organizational development, or intrigued by the intersection of technology and human-centric leadership, you're welcome here. Let's share, learn, and grow together in this journey.

Embark with me on this adventure, where we navigate the digital landscape with an unwavering focus on the human element at its core.

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